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Gavin Burnett Studio

I am a Scottish maker specialising in porcelain. Carving into the clay with the tradition glass cutting technique battuto, I craft a collection of functional tableware and home accessories that emphasize porcelain’s hallmark: delicate translucency. Teapots, cups and bowls thus become highly textured and tactile, begging to be handled. The areas where I have partially carved some of the clay away subtlety reveal the colour glaze inside the exterior.

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Porcelain Pourer

Porcelain Tealight Holder

Charcoal Porcelain

White Porcelain

Coloured Porcelain

More recently, I have been exploring multi-layered coloured slip-casting to create work. I am starting to blur the boundaries between the usable and the decorative by creating more individual pieces and collections. Please sign up for updates on new products & sales.